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Risk analytics for property
management & insurance

What Shepherd does

Connected Engineering is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Shepherd, who offer risk analytics for property management & insurance. The Shepherd Engine reduces the time taken to discover and fix property & compliance problems.

Shepherd + Connected Engineering

Shepherd and Connected Engineering have been working together for nearly 2 years, providing a full end-to-end monitoring, reporting and analytical platform to suit multiple applications.

Splitting the hardware & software responsibilities has allowed us both to focus on what we’re really good at, which means we can provide something great and easy to deploy

Case Study

Sentinel Shepherd

Shepherd’s groundbreaking legionella monitoring product, ‘Sentinel Shepherd’, is powered by Connected Engineering hardware. We have developed an in-house solution to enable Sentinel Shepherd, as we found that many existing solutions just weren’t up to scratch. Working from the ground-up, after drawing up a specification, we developed and tested a robust platform that operates like no other. The sensors communicate via a LoRaWAN gateway to Shepherd, providing regular updates on pipe temperatures, as well as event-driven data which accurately demonstrates pipe flushing events. This system has now successfully been deployed in over 50 sites across the UK.

CE_TMU Full Res